Why You Should Hire Content Writers


Content fuels SEO, this is a simple and often repeated fact in the digital marketing industry that only becoming more true as time goes on. More importantly though, content is simply great for your business. It boosts SEO, it expands your influence, and it ensures you have a solid base to work with forever. Now, I understand forever may sound like an exaggeration, but in reality, it’s not. Content doesn’t go anywhere unless you want it to (and even then, it can prove pretty intractable). The content you create belongs to your business and, while some stuff is timely and will lose it’s power as the years go on, a lot of content is evergreen and will keep people interested and informed for years to come.

Of course, you have to create the content first.

This is the simple point of this post. If you aren’t creating content for your dealership, you aren’t effectively marketing online. This being said, the quality of content matter as much or more) than the quantity of the content. We’re past the days where you can have any old intern, salesman or marketer create the content for your business. To truly succeed, you should really look into hiring a writer. Their are plenty of them out there, they will work pretty cheap (you do get what you pay for, but even good writing isn’t too costly in the grand scheme of things) and they are hungry for work.

If you don’t have a writer on staff, I’d suggest getting one right away. Of course, if you don’t want to add another member to the team, you can always outsource your writing to a company like Wikimotive that employs talented, native-English speakers who understand writing with SEO in mind. In-house writers are great because they can be bounced around at will, but outsourcing writing has the benefit of being much cheaper with a higher guaranteed level of quality.



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At Wikimotive, we believe in an aggressive, manually-delivered automotive SEO strategy. No automation. Transparent results.

If you’re an aggressive car dealership that wants to make an impact on your sales very quickly, let’s talk.

Our service includes:

  • Complete revamp of onsite content – make it completely unique to your dealership
  • Ongoing content added monthly
  • Link-earning for domain and page authority (not the link-building that you’re probably getting)
  • Social signal campaigns that actually work (shocker!)
  • Localization strategies – think mobile
  • Citations, directories, Schema.org the basics you’re probably not getting now
  • Complete search marketing roadmap

We’re not for every dealer, just those who want to dominate!