What Is Over-Optomization And How Can You Avoid It?

Google Over-OptimizationThere is a lot of buzz in the SEO world about over-optimization. Google plans to target web sites that it deems to be over-optimized but what exactly does that mean? It’s hard to say exactly what Google is looking for in your automotive SEO service  that will indicate to them that you are over-optimizing, but here are a few red flags that you can check your site for.

Key word stuffing has never been a good SEO tactic but now Google will be cracking down hard on sites that do it. Using too many key words, whether it’s in the content or meta tags, will definitely bring the wrath of Google down upon you in the form of rank penalties. But just how many key words can you use before Google will judge your site to be over optimized? Unfortunately there is no way of finding this out so to be safe you should err on the side of caution. Content keyword density shouldn’t exceed 2% and 1% is generally more accepted. As for your meta tags, use your best judgement but somewhere between 3 and 7 key words for each field (title, keywords, tags, etc.) should be safe.

The other thing to watch out for is your links. Link building, link farming, and any other unnatural linking techniques are going to penalized by Google. Make sure that your link building efforts are on the level and you should be fine. If you’ve been using unnatural techniques you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you, slowly but surely you’re going to want to start building a more natural link structure.

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