Using Blogs To Create Community And Boost Your SEO

blogging adviceBlogging is one of the best ways to improve your Automotive dealership’s SEO strategy. Getting started is easy with free sites like WordPress and blogger you can get started right away. Starting a blog is a great way to build community among your consumers. You can effectively use a blog to educate customers about your product, entertain them, or provide them with useful information, all while improving your link structure and boosting your SEO.

Free sites like WordPress and Blogger allow you to create a website, which can be hosted independently or with whichever site you choose. I highly recommend hosting the site yourself if your goal is better SEO. You can also use available templates and themes to give your blog a great look without any web design knowledge. Once your blog is up and running it can benefit you in many ways, including driving traffic to your main site, and allowing customers to give you feedback on how you could potentially improve your business. By encouraging interaction and providing readers with interesting content you can easily build a community of loyal customers.

Because search engines favor sites with fresh content a consistently updated blog is a great way to start ranking better. If you host a blog and update it regularly you can not only build community but also show search engines that your site is an authority on a subject. Authoritative websites are also heavily favored in search engine results. To do this you will have to use correct methods for using links and keywords within your blog.

First you want to identify keywords that you should be using in your blog to maximize your SEO. Using tools like Google Ad Words makes this very easy. Once you have identified the keywords you wish to use make sure to include them not only in your post, but also in the title and headlines as well. Use links within your post to link relevant keywords back to your main website or other relevant blog posts. Bold and italic text can also highlight keywords for search engines and make your posts easier to index.

Keep in mind that if you want to actually have people read your posts they must be natural. Squeezing as many keywords as possible into your post is not going to attract readers and it can even hurt your SEO. If you’re maintaining your blog properly and posting on a regular basis you will have plenty of time to get to all of the key words you wish to target. Make sure to brush up on your writing skills or assign blog writing to someone in your company who has a knack for it, the better and more engaging the writing the more likely you are to start building a readership. Furthermore, if other websites or bloggers see your post and find it useful, they may decide to link to it themselves which will make your blog more authoritative. For more insight on how to write an effective blog read this article: Ten Things To Keep In Mind For A Successful Blog.

Do you need more help with blogging strategies or management? Are you struggling to build a community of readers? Contact Wikimotive for more information on blogging and a free evaluation of your SEO strategies.


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