Twitter Gender Targeting

Twitter Male Female It’s constantly becoming easier to reach the customers you want on social networks. Targeted advertising already goes pretty deep on Twitter, but it’s always beneficial to be able to drill down a little but further. You can narrow down your target by mobile, location, and interest, but Twitter is adding a new parameter to go that extra mile. Starting this week, you’ll be able to narrow your advertising based on gender.

The weird part about this? Twitter doesn’t require users to say whether they’re male or female when they register. They’re still offering the sex-targeting service though, and it’s because of an interesting new set of criteria that they’re applying to accounts. In a press release, April Underwood wrote:

“we are making gender targeting available to all marketers. Similar to our approach to interest targeting, we’re able to understand gender by taking public signals users offer on Twitter, such as user profile names or the accounts she or he follows. We have strong confidence in this approach. A panel of human testers has found our predictions are more than 90 percent accurate for our global audience. And where we can’t predict gender reliably, we don’t –– and those users won’t be targetable through this feature.”

The way they’re figuring out sex based on interests actually makes this more useful than if it was targeting purely based on a check-box. On the internet, people are more willing to be themselves. It’s more valuable then, to both the business and the consumer, to market towards the consumer based on the gender they identify with. The gender marketing that twitter is offering is actually a better service than most others offered. If you take advantage of social media marketing (and you should) then definitely try out this new feature!

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