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Automotive SEO Graph Social
Automotive SEO Graph Social

Are you on social media yet? Most businesses answer, “yes” right away, many even throw in a sigh and an eye-roll as if to say, “of course, what do you think, I’m stupid?” And they are on social media, they have the page set up and everything. The problem comes when you ask them how often they POST to social media. That answer is usually just a shrug. Well, let us here at your home for Automotive SEO illustrate why that’s such a dangerous attitude.

You see the chart above? We didn’t just put that up there for fun you know. Those are the real world numbers behind consumer engagement. As you can see, the overwhelming response to the questions about business interaction on social media is positive. In nearly every case, well over half of the users want you to listen to what they have to say, and then answer them, all on social media.

Sure, a small percentage of people said they DIDN’T want to interact with automotive dealerships on social media, but you don’t have to worry about them, because it’s unlikely that they’d be following you in the first place.

Please, look at the numbers, and remember that it’s not enough to simply HAVE social media profiles, you have to monitor them too!

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