SEO For Images

Seo For Images

When people are tuning their search engine optimization efforts, they usually get right down to the nitty gritty details. All to often though, they manage to overlook optimizing the images that rest on their finely honed pages. Images are just as important for  search engine optimization as any other factor, so it’s important you don’t forget about them! Lets go back to basics a little and look at what it means to optimize an image.

When you are trying to perform SEO for an image, there are three main reasons: you want the image to impart some link power, you want them to act as link bait, and you want the image to be high on a search engine’s image results. So how do you achieve all three of these goals? Here is a rundown of the most important aspects.

-Filename: Your filename should always state clearly what the picture is about. Never use some default numbering system. For instance, SEO_SOCIAL is a world better than A1940354305.

-Alt text: Good alt text should use just a few words to describe the picture. Ideally, you want to include the keyword you are attempting to rank for as well.

-Surroundings: An image will rank better if it is on a page that has a lot of the same keywords in the copy. The reverse is also true, your pages will rank better if the accompanying images are optimized properly.

-File specs: The loading time of your page matters, so keep file size as low as you can. Gifs are best for charts and graphs and JPEGs for pretty much anything else. Unless you’re certain of your loading times, try to limit your use of PNG and other files.

There’s a lot that goes into image editing these days. Use this as a basic guide and feel free to Contact Wikimotive (specifically our graphic design team) for a more in depth description of photo editing and uploading!


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