Photos on Facebook for Engagement

Social media has slowly turned into one of the most important parts of automotive Social Media Marketing. Facebook especially is a powerhouse that can drive a lot of sales. However, it can be frustrating for dealerships when they aren’t getting the response they’re looking for. Don’t let this happen to you. There are a lot of easy changes you can make to boost engagement, let us show you the easiest and most profitable one you can implement today.

It’s simple, you just have to add photos into your posts. It seems strange, but posts with photos get over 50% more engagement. People are very visually oriented on social media, so you need to capitalize on that. Here’s a great infographic from Wishpond that illustrates this point and throws some more data at you. Check it out below!



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At Wikimotive, we believe in an aggressive, manually-delivered automotive SEO strategy. No automation. Transparent results.

If you’re an aggressive car dealership that wants to make an impact on your sales very quickly, let’s talk.

Our service includes:

  • Complete revamp of onsite content – make it completely unique to your dealership
  • Ongoing content added monthly
  • Link-earning for domain and page authority (not the link-building that you’re probably getting)
  • Social signal campaigns that actually work (shocker!)
  • Localization strategies – think mobile
  • Citations, directories, the basics you’re probably not getting now
  • Complete search marketing roadmap

We’re not for every dealer, just those who want to dominate!