Learn PPC by Playing a Game?

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Learning something new can be a daunting task, can’t it? Starting at the ground floor and working up is brutal. Not necessarily because you don’t get it or the material is all that difficult, it’s more that you look at the top, looming above you, and you despair before you ever even get off the ground. It’s happened to everyone, but it doesn’t have to happen to you when you try and start learning about taking on more of your business’s digital marketing duties. There’s an interesting new way to learn, and it’s all based around playing games.

Introducing Simbound.

Now, Simbound isn’t especially new, but we keep hearing from people who have never heard of it, so we thought we’d introduce it officially. It’s essentially a game where you pretend to be marketing with real money, but it’s all simulated. This gives you the courage to be aggressive and learn from your mistakes while those mistakes don’t actually cost you anything but a little time. It’s a tremendously useful tool, especially if you’re like a lot of small businesses and don’t really have the money to waste trying to figure things out.

That being said, Simbound isn’t free, but it’s a lot cheaper than playing the market with no knowledge at all. Basically, I’d say that if you have some idea what you’re doing, go right to the real thing and learn as you perfect your methods. But, if you have no idea what you’re doing or where to start, give Simbound a try and see if it doesn’t teach you a thing or two.



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We’re not for every dealer, just those who want to dominate!