Is SEO Gaming the System?

Automotive SEO Gaming

It’s come to our attention that a lot of people seem to think that SEO for automotive is inherently about gaming the system. For example, look at this post by a user we’ll leave anonymous on one of the bigger automotive digital marketing forums:

SEO of any kind is pursued by gaming the system. There is nothing “natural” about any form of SEO. The fundamental concept of SEO is exploiting a flaw in a search engine’s ranking algorithm. The difference between white and black hat tactics is merely a function of where Google decides to draw a line, and this line is at least somewhat arbitrary. Google’s goal is to confuse search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and to uncover aggressive SEO techniques through delaying, or obfuscating results from SEO changes being made.

We understand where the person above is coming from, and we also understand this is the way that many people feel about SEO, but it just isn’t true.

The reality is that the fundamental concept of BAD SEO is exploiting flaws in the algorithm. Every SEO company isn’t out there trying to trick Google into ranking them, that’s just crazy. The reality is that there IS a right way to do things. Take SEO, search engine optimization, on its face. It’s all about optimizing your page for search engines. This doesn’t have to involve any gaming at all.

Here at Automotive SEO and Wikimotive, we definitely take offense to the accusation that all SEO is trying to pull a fast one on Google. We’ve built our company around doing things the right way. We optimize existing pages, create new optimized pages, and put out pages and pages of original and helpful content every day. And guess what, we do the exact same thing for our clients!

So please, remember that SOME SEO companies are trying to game the system, but not all of them.


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At Wikimotive, we believe in an aggressive, manually-delivered automotive SEO strategy. No automation. Transparent results.

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