Ignoring Twitter Could Be A Huge Mistake For Your SEO Strategy

twitter boosts rankingsTwitter get’s ignored a lot as one of the major social media platforms out there. A lot of companies just getting into social media find it hard to see where the marketing value is with a “restrictive” platform like Twitter and tend not to see the big picture. For one thing a good well rounded social media campaign at least involves the big three Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. You’ll want to be well rounded in your social campaign because all of your social outlets can help you get better rankings with Auto dealer SEO as well.

Now a study has come out proving that having a strong Twitter account can boost your rankings and here are some of the numbers. An average URL ranking on Google is somewhere in the area of 54, add only a few hundred tweets and you can boost that to the mid to low 40’s. Once a URL gets over 5000 tweets you really start to see results with rankings under 30, and URL’s with more than 7500 will always be in the top 5. Obviously it is going to be hard to get your URL’s tweeted more than 7500 times but it can be done. Encouraging your followers to retweet links can easily start a chain reaction which would get you there in no time. It goes without saying that you need to have a good strategy for interesting and engaging content on twitter, using your Twitter account to inform your followers about awesome and interesting stories on your blog is a good way to have consistent quality content to tweet about.

Having trouble developing a strategy that works for Twitter? Not sure how to get more followers or how to get your followers to retweet you? Contact Wikimotive for a free evaluation of your strategies and great advice on how you can improve.


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