Google Announces Seperate Mobile Search Algorithm

Mobile SEOGoogle has announced that they will be supporting a completely unique mobile SEO strategy, now making it necessary to understand a different set of techniques to succeed in this niche. Maybe niche isn’t really the word to use here though. Mobile device usage is growing exponentially, making mobile Automotive SEO pretty much a necessity at this point. So the question needs to be asked, just how different is mobile SEO going to be?

Mobile website design poses a number of unique problems, mostly centered around the almost endless variations of screen sizes. Before you even start to optimize your mobile site for search you have to make sure that it’s navigable by any and all mobile platforms. Developing sites specifically for mobile that dynamically re-size themselves is the best way to accomplish this feat.

Google has outlined a number of recommendations for site owners and designers that outline site configurations that will presumably be favored by their mobile specific algorithms. These include:

•    Where possible, websites should use responsive web-design that serves the same HTML from a single URL, with CSS media queries dictating the on-device layout of the website

•    Google can discover this content more efficiently as these sites are crawled by the same Googlebot that crawls ‘regular’ websites, and therefore only need to be crawled once to retrieve content

•    Sites that dynamically serve different HTML from a single URL should let Google know that a mobile Googlebot crawls the site by configuring the ‘Vary HTTP’ header on your server

•    Sites that have a separate mobile site (i.e. AND should add desktop and mobile-specific ‘rel’ tags (see Google recommendations for specifics). Mobile-specific DocTypes that help the Googlebot discover mobile content should be added to headers, and to be safe you should also submit a Sitemap with a mobile-device adjustment to Google Webmaster Tools

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