Email Marketing and The CAN-SPAM Act

CAN-SPAM actWhen companies send out mass emails as part of internet marketing campaigns, they all too often fall into the spam folder. It’s difficult to toe that line between delivering a marketing message and simply annoying the recipients, but it’s vital that you are able to do it. When you aren’t sure if you’re being too spammy, it’s best to consult the CAN-SPAM act, a document of rules from the government on how to tell if your email campaign is too spammy.

1. Have an honest header. This means you need to use accurate information that does not purposefully mislead. Make sure your email address and domain name accurately reflect your business.

2. Describe your pitch in the subject line. Don’t try to couch the pitch with a misleading subject to reel people in.

3. Be honest in your delivery. Don’t lie and pretend they won a contest unless they actually did!

4. Include a physical address. The government and spam detection software looks upon you favorably if you include the physical address of your business.

5. Allow the recipients to opt-out. People ALWAYS have the right to get off your mailing list. Even if it’s just in your footer, make sure there is a way for them to be removed. Also, you must follow up on these opt-outs within ten days.

6. You are liable. Even if you contract out your mass email campaigns, you are still on the hook if customer becomes upset, so make sure you approve everything that goes out in your name.

These are the main points of the CAN-SPAM act. Many people ignore them and don’t get in much trouble, but it only takes one complaint. Try your best to follow these rules and make the internet a less spammy place for everyone.

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