Don’t Be a Black Hat (Infographic)

Black Hat SEO

It’s been my experience that many people in the automotive industry don’t necessarily understand what black hat SEO is referring to. Either that, or they assume that black hat is just for really outrageous things like buying links. Unfortunately for these misguided individuals, there is a lot more to black hat SEO than that. In fact, a lot of automotive SEO companies (not named Wikimotive) are still relying on black hat techniques because they haven’t bothered to keep up with the times.

To help you out with exactly what constitutes a black hat technique, we want to share this great infographic on the nature of black hat SEO. It doesn’t cover every bad technique, but it will give you a great overview on what you may be doing wrong and how you can turn it around before it’s too late.

If you aren’t sure if something is black hat or white hat or what, you can always contact us here at Wikimotive. We’re more than happy to give anyone in the automotive field some free advice on their digital marketing.




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