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Automotive SEO Services

Onsite Content

With quality onsite content, your dealership's site will be seen as a resource by search engines. This will help stimulate ranking increases while driving more and more targeted traffic to your website.

Content Marketing

Customers hate traditional marketing tactics, but they love Content Marketing. Why? Because they don't know it's marketing. Through interesting, fun, and topical content your dealership can build consumer interest and cut back on your ever-growing ad budget.

Local SEO

To get more foot traffic, phone calls, and web leads, a local SEO strategy is a must in 2015. Google and other search engines now provide local business details right in search results, and if you're not showing up you'll be handing over business to your closest competitors.

What's Your Score?

Enter any webpage or website URL and see how optimized it is for your target key phrase and receive your FREE SEO Audit for your dealership from Wikimotive to see what they can do for you!

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About Wikimotive

Wikimotive’s mission is to provide comprehensive online marketing solutions to auto dealerships and businesses of all sizes. We continually hone our services to maintain our position at the cutting edge of the digital marketing industry. Through preemptive responses to an ever changing market and steadfast commitment to innovation, we keep our clients ahead of the curve and before the eyes of the customers and consumers that they serve. "No contracts. No commitments. Just results." More than a slogan, Wikimotive's team truly believes in the simple idea that our services speak for themselves.But beyond just the services you see, Wikimotive acts as a digital marketing advocate, advising clients on everything from website technology to in-store digital process. We firmly believe that your success is our success.


Your Content Will Suck at First, and That’s OK

Creating amazing content sounds so simple if you listen to all of the experts. “Quality over quantity,” they say. “Create value,” they say. And the don’t forget the always-popular “Content is king!” Here at Wikimotive, […]

How to Turn Brand Mentions into Links in Less Than 15 Minutes

For SEO companies, unlinked mentions can be extremely annoying, hindering SEO efforts in the process. But the fact is, whether completely intentional or editorial preference, many sites simply don’t link out a lot. It’s not […]

Content Marketing for Better Automotive SEO

Dealerships are facing an uphill battle in the fight to reclaim search rankings from third-party listings, as well as the attempt to win customers through social media. For both automotive SEO and social media marketing, […]

Yahoo and Yelp to Join Forces?

  I like to imagine search engines as though they are horses in a race. Google is the current leader. In fact, you could say that Google is already wearing the wreath of flowers, its […]

A Social Media Checklist for Newbies

  Social media is pretty much everywhere today, and so is social media marketing advice, so it is easy to forget that not everyone is coming into the industry with the same level of skill. […]

Biggest SEO Changes in 2013

As we always say on this blog, SEO changes faster than any other industry, and 2013 was an especially volatile year. It saw some of the biggest updates toPenguin and Panda and the advent of […]


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At Wikimotive, we believe in an aggressive, manually-delivered automotive SEO strategy. No automation. Transparent results.

If you’re an aggressive car dealership that wants to make an impact on your sales very quickly, let’s talk.

Our service includes:

  • Complete revamp of onsite content – make it completely unique to your dealership
  • Ongoing content added monthly
  • Link-earning for domain and page authority (not the link-building that you’re probably getting)
  • Social signal campaigns that actually work (shocker!)
  • Localization strategies – think mobile
  • Citations, directories, the basics you’re probably not getting now
  • Complete search marketing roadmap

We’re not for every dealer, just those who want to dominate!